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Am I missing something?

Unless you are buying shares yourself, it is most likely that you’ll be holding shares via a Managed Fund or your Super. The Managers who run these funds select the stocks which, in their opinion, offer the best opportunity to produce the highest long term returns. The Managers analyse the activities and profitability of companies to help them with their decision making.

What is interesting is when the same Managers either continue to hold fossil fuel companies or buy more shares in these businesses. Did they not hear about the Paris agreement in 2015 (COP21)? Do they not see what is going on all over the world with so many other managers offloading fossil fuel companies?

We all know that investing in shares is a form of gambling, so it seems to me that any fund manager who still holds or buys fossil fuel companies is either taking a very short-term punt or they are making a very conscious decision to bet against the Paris agreement and hope that climate change isn’t real. That’s a rather major bet given the overwhelming evidence supporting the man-made negative influence on climate change.

From my point of view, one way of looking at these fund managers is that they are in that strange, small, weird cult of climate change deniers. They must be climate change deniers because if they are not the only other explanation is that they are playing fast and loose with peoples’ money and, as such, should be removed and find another job elsewhere. Do you want someone managing your money who is just making bad calls and gambling? Surely you want someone who understands what they are doing, understands the companies they are buying and has a good understanding of how the real world is changing.

I’d hope that if you are reading this you would be investing ethically and your money won’t be in fossil fuel companies anyway, but if you do have money in mainstream funds you should be worried if your money is being managed by someone who isn’t fit for the job.

When the Fund Managers buy or continue to hold Fossil Fuel stocks, they are in effect betting against Paris COP21. They are making a conscious decision that the Paris agreement will fail and that climate change doesn’t exist. So, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, the majority of Fund Managerss are active climate change deniers. If they weren’t, then they couldn’t hold any Fossil Fuel stocks.

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We’re killing ourselves and big business is on hand to help as much as they can

So, let’s run this through the “try to explain this to a visiting alien” test. Animals reared in intensive conditions, for some humans to eat cheaply, are unhealthy and need to be pumped with chemicals to keep them alive long enough to be killed. Once killed they are eaten, with the humans consuming animal flesh and chemicals. The chemicals, once inside the humans, have the effect of making humans much weaker and unable to fight infections.

So, the aliens think, “Why would these humans create terrible conditions for animals so that they have to be kept alive with chemicals that will harm humans?” It makes no sense. No sensible, intelligent society in their right mind would do such a thing. Would they?

killing ourselves

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What a combo – Superfunds building money for retirement whilst destroying the future

If you are in a conventional Aussie Superfund (i.e. not an ethical or responsibly invested one) then whilst your money is building for your retirement it is also destroying your future. Don’t take my word for it, just see what the Regulator of Superfunds has to say in this article.

AAP Image:Dean Lewins, File

AAP Image/Dean Lewins, File

Assuming you aren’t one of the climate change deniers, you should be very very concerned that your Superfund is investing in companies linked to climate change. As the outlook for climate changes worsens, what is the point in you letting your money be used to finance this planet-destroying activity when it could be invested in a Superfund that is trying to deliver a better future?

If you are not already a member of a Superfund such as Cruelty Free Super then take action now to get out of your existing fund and do yourself, people, our planet and animals a favour.

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Holiday Nightmare in Bali

Just when you thought you had a handle on the meat industry, along comes a story that is shocking and disturbing.

For vegans visiting Bali the food choices are plentiful and wonderful. Meat eaters also have a lot of choice – perhaps more choice than they had bargained for. That innocent roadside or beach side BBQ snack might have an unexpected bite (and a silenced bark).

Work by the fantastic Animals Australia has highlighted that dogs are being slaughtered to provide meat on Bali and tourists are unexpectedly eating ‘man’s best friend’. So, if you know someone who is planning a holiday in Bali, why not encourage them to enjoy the beautiful island and have a veggie or vegan diet whilst they are there? You never know, they might just come back happier and healthier.

UPDATE: Since writing this, we’ve had some great news with Animals Australia’s investigation shutting down the Bali dog meat trade

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If it isn’t fair, then it isn’t right

It’s one of the core Aussie values – fair play. It is expected in sport and business and when we see something that is obviously unfair we quite rightly get rather outrages.

The Conversation

The Conversation

Well, it now appears that many animals have the same sense of fair play. That being the case, as the so-called dominant species we have a moral obligation never to place animals in situations which we ourselves would find unfair. For example, we wouldn’t find it fair to take advantage physically or mentally challenged humans by experimenting on them, so why is it fair to experiment on animals. If it is fair to experiment on animals because they are in some way ‘less’ than a complete human, then logically experimenting on less than complete humans would also be perfectly acceptable. Who actually decides which humans to experiment on would be interesting.

Oh, and one more thing about fairness: is it fair that animals are kept in labs so that scientists can do tests, for the benefits of humans, into whether animals understand what is fair? Just a thought!

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